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Capbreton Surf Instructor Supdivision Surf School

Surf School Instructor Capbreton Supdivision


Born in 1973 in Mont de Marsan Monitor State graduate. I started surfing in 1980 at 7 years old on its Landes beaches where I come from, this year I celebrate my 40 years of Surfing on the beaches of Capbreton which I know well throughout the year. Surf Champion and Sup-Surf Champion.


Sébastien Maubourguet BPJeps Surf will accompany you safely in your learning or your development.

Cours de Surf Capbreton
Moniteur de Surf Capbreton Supdivision e
Capbreton Surf SCHOOL

Come take Surf and Sup lessons with Sébastien Maubourguet, Landais of origin and surfing Capbreton from a very young age, he will put you in the mood by making you discover all the subtleties of the Surf and Sup spots of Capbreton in safe from 6 years old for surfing and 10 for Stand Up Paddle.

     My family opened the first Surf Shop "Sunset" and the first Surf school on Capbreton, as well as the first indoor Skate park in the Landes (Hall4) of which I was the Vice President and I was the President of the 'association Stand-Up-Paddle Division of Capbreton for night outings on full moon days on Lake Hossegor and manager of Surf School Supdivision and its Surf-Shop in Capbreton beaches.

     I want to be able to transmit my passion by applying my own vision of learning this sport, the basic rules being safety and respect for others as well as sufficient knowledge of the environment. I am inspired by my experience in competition, with good and bad experiences to successfully guide young people (and the not so young) on their first waves and throughout their progression.

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