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Capbreton Surf School Supdivision Surf School

Capbreton Surf Lessons

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     Surf lessons on the Beaches and Spots of the Track during the day and for the morning and evening surf lessons between Prévent and Santocha beaches in Capbreton.


1 Surf lesson of two hours at Capbreton 35 Euros.


3 Surf lessons of two hours per day for 3 days: 90 Euros.


5 surf lessons of two hours per day for 5 days: 140 Euros.



        Discover the activity, have fun, have new sensations, all in safety accompanied by a State certified instructor.


     Learning the basics (Good positioning on the board, Effective paddle, Getting up suddenly on the board, keeping the balance standing in the foam, safety rules and priorities). Knowledge of the environment and equipment. Insurance included.

     Group surfing lessons 8 people maximum lasting two hours. Schedule according to weather conditions and tides. Private surf lessons depending on availability.


The Practical insurance license issued by the French Surf Federation included in the price. We accept holiday vouchers.


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Presentation of the place of surfing


Explain to them where the surf lesson takes place and why we chose this place, not in the bathing area, not too close to the rocky groynes, not at the exit of the Baïne (current), stay where the child walks, stay in a group near the instructor. Conditions Not really ideal you have to be on your guard always look straight in front of the ocean to see the mosses arriving.




Entering the water where the child is on foot, advancing in the ocean, passing the head under the mosses, reassuring the children, holding the most reluctant by the hand, calming their apprehension telling them that we have succeeded in doing this. is not too hard, encourage them. Demystify the danger. Then take a lengthened foam in Body surf, as soon as the foam approaches you, approximately with an outstretched arm you lie down in the water while having a small impulse of the feet (Demonstration of the monitor).


Instructions: Put your hands in front (protection) do not stretch your arms too much, slightly bent. Head out of the shoulders. Do not telescope.


Games: Make teams of 3 Body surfers, clap the three, take a foam in Body Surf then three others.


The instructor analyzes the level of each. Individualize the instructions then small debriefing, to see if they noticed the current, and those they felt in the foam or passing under the foam.


Back on the sand.


Demonstration on the sand to take a foam in the lying position


Presentation of the material, The front of the board, the back, the daggerboards, the Leach in the form of question answers (Games) ex: what is the rope for? What are drifts? What's this ; is it candle? Install the group in front of the monitor, with a board on the sand to take a foam in the lying position. Positioning of the body well in the center of the board, in the longitudinal axis, make a mark on the board (a cross in wax) where the child must position his head on the board in order to have the most balance possible in lying down position. Placement of hands at shoulder level, legs together, head off shoulders. The monitor shows the correct position.




Do not hold the board by the Leach, watch the mark (flag, teacher, hut on the dune, parasol), do not dive on it, stay well lying on the board until you reach the sand. Protect your head if you don't know where your board is. If a student rushes at him, protect himself with the board like a shield. Hold his board on the side and not between him and the foam that comes to him from the front.


Enter the water board on the side, beware of the wind, hold your board well over the foam that arrives, the teacher serves as a guide in the water. As in Body surfing, when you have chosen your foam, and when it comes to about a meter from you, you turn around and take your impulse with your feet and start lying down on the board to the edge, keeping your balance all along, Legs tight, head out of the shoulders, hands on the board at shoulder level. Demonstration by the instructor.


Games: Once after having taken three or four foams in the lying position, do the exercise by taking the position of the sphinx once lying down, this will help them subsequently to straighten.


Back on the sand after taking four or five foams in the lying position.


Righting demonstration on the board in the sand.


Place the pupils in front of you, lying on the board in a good position. Perform a straightening demonstration: hands at shoulder level reach out, put your feet under your body and position your feet in the center of the board with good spacing, being perpendicular to the board. Slightly bent, do not straighten straight, you adopt the position of the basic surfer and keep your balance. Have them get up on the board in the sand several times and correct them individually the students.


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Typical Example of a Capbreton Surf Lesson

cours de surf capbreton Supdivision Landes
  • Supervision provided by a qualified instructor from BPJEPS Surf.

  • Constitution of homogeneous groups in terms of level and age (8 people maximum) and 6 people if they are children under 10 years old. 4 people maximum for the Sup.

  • Short and long combination depending on the season, they help to float and against the cold. Sunscreen available, water and fruit paste in case of hypoglycemia.

  • Course location chosen according to the weather conditions of the day and the level of the participants.

  • Progression plan of pedagogical exercises adapted to each pupil, knowing the achievements of each, setting objectives (being able to ...) and defining the technique to be implemented during the sessions.

  • Awareness and education on environmental preservation issues.

  • Particular attention paid to knowledge of the ocean (swell formation, tides, bays etc.).

  • Reminder of the safety instructions for each course.

  • Warm-up before class to minimize the risk of injury (Bodysurf).

  • Students equipped with lycras to be easily identified.

  • First aid equipment near the monitor.

  • Monitors equipped with a rescue board or a pair of fins, and in contact with the base by mobile phone.

  • Equipment in good condition and suitable for each level.

  • Premises adapted to the reception of trainees.

  • Fast and effective communication: we are committed to responding to all your requests as soon as possible, being attentive.

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