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Sup School of Surf School Capbreton Supdivision


Sup lessons


One hour Sup course 40 euros.


Objectives: Discover the activity, have fun, have new sensations, all in safety accompanied by a State Graduated Monitor. Learning the basics (efficient train, mastering the U-turn, autonomy in the water, safety rules). Implementation of a progression plan adapted to each.

Group lesson 6 people maximum with a duration of 1 hour [two minimum]




Sup-Surf Capbreton



One hour Sup-Surf course in the waves 90 Euros


Requires a certain know-how in Sup-Surf on the flat and notions of Take-Off in the wave.


Objectives: Take waves in Stand Up Paddle, learn to take a wave, efficient paddle, feet and body positioning, paddle handling, spot reading, priority rules. Champion of France of Sup Surfing Master 2015 Champion of Aquitaine and Landes 2015. Sébastien is able to make you discover this activity if your level allows it. Mastery of the Stand Up Paddle board in the waves, be autonomous on the surf spot, knowledge of safety rules and priorities. Know how to take waves in both directions, manage your paddle as well as possible. Start having fun in Sup Surfing. Choose the right time and the right place to go to the water example: uncrowded spot where early in the morning. Implementation of a progression plan adapted to each.


Group lessons for 2 people maximum, lasting 1 hour, usually early in the morning, unless the spot and the tide allow it.

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cours de sup capbreton
Sébastien et sa copine en sup Capbreton
Cours de stand up paddle

Typical example of a Stand Up Paddle Course


It will aim to discover the material, the environment, a bit of technique and security.


Presentation of the material


Epoxy boards covered with 9'5, 10 'and 10'5 Nah Skweel foam with a leach and carrying handle. The light fiber paddles are adjustable and must be adjusted to the size of each individual. (Special children's paddle for the little ones). Life jackets available.


Presentation of the place of practice and course of the Course


Central Beach of Capbreton, it is the ideal place for the practice of Sup on Capbreton, thanks to the dikes of the port one feels less the effect of the prevailing North-South current on the coast, and it is especially the place without waves of Capbreton due to the depth of the water.


Tell them the route to take, place of entry into the water, the route to the lighthouse then turn around and the return location before Prévent beach after the surveillance limit and before the rocky spur.


During the ride, we will punctuate the exercise with the U-turn technique, this is the most important point in the first initiation sessions to Stand Up Paddle because mastering your board is an obligation. For this I would set up the technique first on the sand. Like that of the standing and kneeling placement on the board (well indicated where to put the feet). The board must be flat on the water, not too high on the front or on the back. Demonstration of the instructor.

Sup class in front of Supdivision school

Start Sup-Surf at Capbreton Pass


Recommendations Capbreton Supdivision Surf School


Stand on the board


When you are in the water, first of all you go up on the board by its middle compared to the nose and the tail. We position ourselves on our knees on it with the paddle lying perpendicular in front of us, then when we are stable, we get up by leaning with our hands on the paddle. This is one of the most basic safety instructions because tired it is often difficult to go up on a large board because it does not sink into the water.


We start to row


Two hands on the handle with a spacing similar to that of a bicycle handlebar, with the paddle we plant it towards the front of the board to go to the back of the board. To keep a direction, you have to change the paddle sideways, but the hand that was at the bottom of the previous side ends up at the top.


The U-turn


This is the most difficult thing to do, you have to move your support foot back (back), then plant the paddle aside near the middle of the board rail and push outwards by rotating the basin at the same time time to make a quarter turn and so on.  




Mandatory leach, wearing a long sleeveless jumpsuit (Long John) this prevents irritation of the board, offers a buoyancy aid as well as protection against the cold, a colored lycra. Students must be able to swim and be physically fit. Never go beyond the 300 m band.


The Surf instructor is equipped with a first aid kit, cervical collars, a pulling end to bring back a lying person in case of discomfort as well as means of communication.




When you lose your balance you don't resist you fall outside the board because you can fall on your board and then go up through the middle of the board. Don't let go of your paddle. When you are tired you stay on your knees or lie down to go to the exit accompanied by the instructor.


To enter the water, we advance in the water to the waist, then we kneel and we advance as far as possible away from the edge swell before getting up. For the exit we approach the standing edge, we wait for the lull then we jump from the board or we walk and we accompany it to the sand, the four students do not all go out at the same time but a by one to avoid any collision. The return and exit in the water are the most delicate moments.


We will make you discover safely the joys of a Sup class soon.

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