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Surf Trophies Surf School Supdivision Capbreton

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Certified by the French Surf Federation





The trophies include the levels of the Federal Surf Passport given to each pupil of the Capbreton Supdivision Surf School, from the First Mousse to the Golden Wave. They are stamped "French Surf Federation". They are offered for sale.



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Concept of the Capbreton Surf Trophies

Just like snowflakes in skiing, the Surf Trophies are intended for the student to reward an achievement.


In the form of pins

    These trophies are materialized in the form of pins, these medals are intended to reward the progress of the surfers and are accompanied by a postcard, support of the pin.

Creation of four levels


Because a reward only makes sense if the necessary skills are defined, a charter describes each level of progression. They include three main themes: global control, safety and skills, adding to it the development of an eco-citizen conscience and the values ​​that are important to us.

Ecole de Surf niveaux

Help the National Association "Handi-Surf" in its mission


We are proud to support the National Handi-Surf Association in its approach. In fact, part of the price of each pin is donated to this association, and we are present at two events a year to offer their medals to young participants with disabilities.


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